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What is Roofer SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When performed properly, Roofer SEO enhances your site’s visibility on search engine result pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase. The objective is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by a higher number of qualified visitors to your web site.

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Roofing SEO Solutions for Your Roofing Business Website, Including:

? Paid and Organic Traffic Strategies
? Large Scale Traffic Growth
? Smart Search Engine Marketing
? Increased Search Engine Rankings
? Improved Conversion Rates
? High Quality Content Creation
? Better Leads and More Sales

We Help Roofing Companies Overcome the Unique Business Challenges in Their Industry

Most people today aren’t using the yellow pages or other forms of traditional marketing. Today, even television is often being received through the internet. People are seeking services from their homes, their vehicles, and virtually anywhere they can get connected. The general public is constantly online and that’s where you need to be if you want to reach them. But how do you reach them and get their attention? And can you do it effectively? The answer lies in your business website’s SEO strategy. With the proper methods and planning, you can be exactly where your customers are the next time they’re looking for roofing services. Bliss Drive can create social media and roofing SEO campaigns that promote your brand, drive more qualified traffic, and ultimately help you win customers more frequently.

Make Your Roofing Business Visible & Searchable

How do customers find you online? What is required of your roofing SEO strategy for customers to find you via organic search, how can you be more visible, easier to find, and more searchable? The principles of roofing SEO platforms combined with proven techniques like targeted keywords and paid search marketing are just a few examples. Roofing SEO isn’t just for large organizations and multi-billion dollar companies, and it along with other tactics are how you become more visible and searchable.

Present a Memorable & Unique Experience

Getting customers in the door and onto your website is only part of the key to marketing your roofing company online. Keeping visitors engaged and encouraging them to take action such as call you, request a quote, send an email, or fill out a contact form is an equally important part of your roofing SEO campaign. Your web development should include a strong focus on these aspects, because a website designed with the intent to convert visitors into customers will always perform better. Using informative, helpful, and accurate content not only presents your business as knowledgeable but also gives visitors a reason to stay. Most importantly, it could be the single aspect of your website that makes you stand out from your competitors in the roofing industry..

Your Roofing Business’ Website Should be Cutting-Edge & Current

Our? expert roofing SEO team specializes in SEO for roofing companies, and we use resources such as case studies and search data to ensure that you get the most for your marketing investment. Our roofing SEO methods and techniques are always current and never dated. We keep things current because that’s what’s required to become and remain a competitor in your industry. Once things begin to get stale, so does your acquisition of new leads.

Our 7-Step Roofing SEO Process for Your Roofing Business

1. Discover Your Mission

Define company goals, conduct market research, and highlight opportunities

We do our homework to learn about your mission, competition, goals, and opportunities. We need to understand the direction you’re going with your roofing business so that we can adapt, identify, and deliver the best solutions. After all, we’re partnering with you to ensure your growth and success.

2. Strategy and Planning

Identify and solidify both short-term and long-term SEO targets

Our goal is to meet and exceed your goals. We like to lay out a very clear and concise plan that allows seeing exactly what we envision. Based on our understanding of your business goals and culture, we discuss plans and possible strategies for the character, content, and structure required for your long-term needs.

3. Benchmarking

Evaluate current data and performance – what gets measured, gets improved

We must determine and set milestones because these are the important markers that give us a direction and focus for progress. We’ll analyze the data from your site as well as the latest industry trends. We’ll compare and contrast the two, and then discuss which performance goals should serve as indicators of success for your roofing service website. With these benchmarks set in place, it’s easy to measure your growth as time goes on. You’ll see exactly how far you’ve come since day one because it’s all there – transparent, quantifiable, and ready for evaluation.

4. Site Optimization

Allow search engines to read and understand your website properly

SEO is not a “once and done” kind of endeavor. It’s a continual process of analysis, recommendation, and implementation. We follow our industry, roll with the changes that search engines constantly make, and are keen on the latest trends. We monitor your competitors at regular intervals, we make changes as needed, and we always give our 100% to bring you the best service available anywhere. What’s more? We have integrity and? take accountability.

5. Content Development

Create relevant, high-quality content that makes you an authority in your industry

Original and well-written content is crucial in helping your legal practice rise to the top and becomes a real competitor. That’s why we check every page and article for errors, consistency, readability and also usefulness.?

What does your content say about you and your company? Have you seen as an authority in your field or just another roofer? Does your content set you apart from the others? Are your articles compelling and newsworthy? Does anyone really care what your saying, and is the information actually useful to them? If it’s not, you’re wasting your time and your money. We ensure that your content creates interest and value at every turn.

6. Link Building

Utilize proper link building methods for improved rankings and more referral traffic

Link building is a daunting and complex process consisting of a variety of methods and practices. The purpose is to acquire links from sites that already have high rankings on search engine so that their large volume of readers will be exposed to the links leading directly to your website. This facet of SEO also serves as an indicator of authority when observed by search engine robots who determine how and where your website should rank.

7. Review & Reporting

Monitor and deliver bi-weekly reporting of rankings, traffic, leads, and sales

Without regular reports, there’s no foolproof method for tracking performance and progress. While you might see and uptick in sales or leads, it’s important to know where they come from and why. Keeping extensive records of data and lending proper examination to that information is a key to continual expansion. It’s also important to us that you understand how and why this is all happening.?

We keep you looped in on the performance, report what’s working and what’s not, offer insights on the traffic trends for your site, and discuss adjustments that will further enhance our efforts.


We love the work we’ve done in the roofing industry, but trends change fast so we continually focus on the importance of staying two-steps ahead. We know how to use market research and real-time data to optimize your website, and by implementing a plan that’s simple and without hassle, we set you up for ongoing success.

What Makes Successful Roofing SEO?

Successful Roofing SEO is built upon proper research, the acquisition of accurate data, high-quality content creation, a strong understanding of your target audience, and continuously monitoring these factors to make adjustments in an ever-changing marketplace. It’s an ongoing process that requires expert knowledge and great attention to detail, and it pays handsomely when performed correctly.

Doing the Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is a critical starting point to a successful Roofing SEO campaign for your roofing business. We do keyword research to understand which terms and phrases the public is currently using to search for your services, and then we integrate those terms into the written content of your website. Doing so shows the search engines exactly what your website is about, and allows them to rank your site accordingly.

Addressing Your Roofing Business Website

If your website isn’t fully functional, a new visitor can become a lost sale or a missed opportunity in a matter of seconds. Broken links, incorrect contact information, malfunctioning contact forms, and pages that take too long to load will negatively affect the user experience. When a visitor discovers your business via search, your website is the one making your first impression for you. Since a bad first impression can be a deal-breaker, we comb through every page of your site to ensure that everything is correct, both visually and technically.?

Search engines also check your site for functionality and accuracy. They test the site for broken links and non-standard coding, bad use of imagery, and quality of content. Even if the phone number on your site varies from your listing on google maps, you’re going to lose points when the search engine algorithm grades your site and assigns a value to it. This means your rankings will suffer, and you won’t get the exposure you could if your site were to pass their inspection by meeting the standard protocols.

Optimizing Your Roofing Website’s Content

Performing Roofing SEO on your roofing service’s website is a process consisting of multiple steps. We provide the service of completing the tasks to ensure your site is always running smoothly and performing at its best, including:

? Writing original and compelling content that provides clear and concise information
? Implementing top-performing keywords and search terms
? Optimizing your images for speed and consistency with your search terms
? Ensuring quick page loading times
? Creating a sitemap that is easily readable by search engines
? Using enticing calls-to-action that encourage visitors to take the next step
? Ensuring that all coding meets compliance standards
? Checking site security to maintain a safe browsing experience

With everything in order and properly optimized, you’ll be on the road to better rankings and improved traffic that will only continue to grow as time goes on.

Cross-Promotion & Cross-Linking

By strategically placing your content (or links to your content) on high-traffic websites and blogs, you’ll be exposed to a large number of people who are already reading information relevant to roofing services. Not only does this result in referral traffic from people seeking what you offer, it also tells search engines that your content is legitimate and valuable since more popular sites are linking directly to you.?

We employ various methods to ensure that your name, content, and business information is posted in the best locations possible to help acquire visits from qualified users who are most likely to convert into return customers. It’s smart, sustainable, and selective marketing practice like these that make a massive difference in the long-term.

Analysis & Reporting

Performing the optimization work is the hard part, but analyzing and reporting on the results is equally important. Without hard data, there’s no way to see how your site is performing and it’s impossible to make informed decisions on any changes or adjustments that might be required. Analysis is key in continual improvement and cannot be overlooked.

On the other hand, comprehensive reporting is critical in understanding your progress. We show you exactly what’s happening and what achievements have been made. You’ll always know where you stand, what areas need more attention, and how well we’ve done in meeting our predefined goals. At Bliss Drive, transparency and accountability are something we take pride in, and it has helped us gain the respect and loyalty of our customers for nearly a decade.


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